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Tour Terminus a complete travel solution is based in Delhi and offers various international and domestic packages with various travel services, i.e. ticketing, visas, hotels, transfer, sightseeing etc.
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Why Us ?

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Whatever be your holiday and travel planning, we try to put our best efforts to make that true with our tremendous travel services, also our travel experts ready to help and guide 24*7. Come, experience the world with Tour Terminus – Take our Hand and travel.

Our services are driven by the vision of uniting smart technology with customer satisfaction. We offer flights to over 2,000 destinations, hotel stays in over 100,000 properties around the world, holiday experiences and much more.

Tour Terminus (A complete travel solution) offers a complete range of holiday and travel services. From creating the most memorable holidays at the world’s most loveable tourist places and luxurious hotels to ticketing on the most preferred airlines at the most economical airfares to organizing the most enriching business conferences. And of course, offering comprehensive Travel Insurance products as well.

We take care and one of our team tracks of every minute/moment detail of your trip until you safely back to home, so that you enjoy the perfect holiday.

Founder & Partner

Tour Terminus was founded by Siddiqa Ali in May 2018 and the formal name of this organization was Dream Terminus. We provide our services in India as well multiple destination in the world  UAE with Co-operation of our partner  Shama Wasim from Dubai UAE.

Our Services

Our Travel experts

We are proud of our people – proud of their ability, commitment and services orientation. Tour terminus has employees/partners across the country who are skilled and expert in the travel business. Our people have been indoctrinated in the service quality mind-set and the organization is one of the best customer service oriented companies in the travel services domain. The company enjoys a reputation for providing reliable, personalized and professional travel services.


  1. First Class Flights
  2. 5 Star Accommodations
  3. Inclusive Packages
  4. Latest Model Vehicles
  5. Best Price Guarantee
  6. World Class Service
  7. Handpicked Hotels
  8. Accesibility managment
  9. 10 Languages available
  10. +120 Premium city tours

Business Misson

  1. Developing tourism businesses in India and UAE, especially Islands, tourist attractions etc. its surroundings.
  2. Encouraging the creation of an advanced tourism industry in India.
  3. Creating jobs as large as large.
  4. Bring as many domestic and international tourists as possible who can generate economic contributions to the Indian government and communities around tourist sites.
  5. Market Indian culture and tourism areas that have high potential in the country and abroad.


Products and services provided by Tour Terminus travel services are specialized in the tourism sector, Rental

And Trade Services include:

  • Daily tour services visit tourist objects in different countries.
  • Adventure tours or optional tours such as Sea walkers, Snorkelling, Trekking
  • Holiday packages in allover different countries for individuals or groups in which all tourism needs are included in other related things such as accommodation needs, tour activities, transportation, tour guide services, tourist entrance tickets, and thecost of lunch or dinner.
  • A romantic package in the form of a honeymoon package for couples of tourists who want to spend theirhoneymoon the desired places
  • Outing group package for a group of companies that will hold holiday events for their employees whileholding several activities aimed at improving the performance of their employees.
  • Vehicle charter services for tourists who want to determine their own travel plans.

About Corporate Practices

Corporate Governance practices, Internal Control Systems and Anti-Money Laundering Policy are some of the ongoing practices within Tour Terminus travel services.

The company has implemented the principles of good Corporate Governance by adopting standard Corporate Governance practices through continuous improvement of internal systems to ensure customer satisfaction.

At Tour Terminus travel services, Internal Control Systems that include Operational, Financial and Legal systems have been integrated to ensure that the Company meets its business objectives. These systems are continuously monitored, reviewed and modified when necessary for better efficiency and effectiveness.

The Company has implemented Anti-Money Laundering Policy which provides detailed guidelines and procedures to be followed whilst undertaking foreign exchange and travel transactions.

Our Products

  • Basic Budget Economic
  • Platinum Packages All International & Domestic Holiday Tour Packages
  • Car Rental Honeymoon Packages
  •  Hotel 
  • Houseboat
  • Camp Booking 
  • Cruise
  • Air tickets
  • Worldwide Hotel Reservation
  • Solo Travellers 
  • School College (Student deals)
  • Corporate Group Tours 
  • All Countries Visa Assistance
  • International Destinations – UAE (Dubai)
  • Indonesia (Bali)
  • Maldives
  • Egypt
  • Azerbaijan- Baku
  • Vietnam 
  • Malaysia
  • Singapore 
  • Hong Kong 
  • Macau 
  • All European Countries
  • South America
  • Sri Lanka etc.
  • Domestic Destinations –   Himachal
  •  Uttaranchal
  • Rajasthan
  • Kerala 
  • Goa
  • Kashmir
  • Golden Triangle Tours and many more……

Meet The Team​

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